Day Beyond The Time in Cosmic Maya calendar (Tzolk'in)

Day Beyond The Time in Cosmic Maya calendar (Tzolk'in)
July 25 - Day Beyond The Time in Cosmic Maya calendar (Tzolk'in).
This day is good to practice in any art, to put the beginning of self-realization for all next year.

From decoding of cosmic Maya calculations written on the stone buildings (pyramids, steles, etc.) scientists knows that time circle (5125 years) we live must come to the end in 2012 year. Also, time cycle 26000 years and 104000 years will be completed! The end of these cycle will be associated with time planetary frequency, and so, all world of material will be changed. Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky told about this process, as change-over from biosphere to noosphere (supra-mental).

Tzolk'in (in modern and formerly commonly written tzolkin) – calendar of 13 moons (13x28=364 days, + Day Beyond The Time, = 365 days=1 year).
Tzolk'in matrix of galactic maya include 20 solar seals and 13 galactic tones, and so all phenomena in galaxy of 260-elements matrix subjected to cycle: 1-day cycle (kin), 4-days cycle (directions), 13-days cycle, 20-days cycle (solar seals), etc.

From fractal point of view Tzolk'in model can represent 260 days, 260 years, 26000 years and other multiple time interval.
Practical use – calculating of kin of some date, so it is the mechanism of oracle.
From Radial view Tzolk'in is the matrix of nonlinear energy streams, radiated from center. One more Tzolk'in multidimensional sphere of manifestations is the possibility to associate matrix with any organism integrity – human, planet, solar system… To restore biosphere balance and activate noosphere really necessary is to create all-embracing resonance between us and Planet.

Briefly, cosmic maya calendar (Tzolk'in) of new age call us to live in natural galaxy and planet rhythm (13:20), and not in human designed rhythm of watch mechanisms (60 sec=1 minute, 60 minutes=1 hour) where no any natural resonance exists. Personally I agree, but must to point out that 60 sec equal about abstract human rhythm, but besides - about equal is not resonance guarantee…

Used material of Alquimia (winter 2005) magazine.
Translation from “День вне времени по календарю космических майя.”
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July 26, 2007

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